The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices from left to right - Lewis Manning, Connor Day, Amy Kirby, Paul Edwards (me), Greg Beaver, Jonathan Jones

Friday, 14 February 2014

February Update

Just a quick update on how things are going as there is nothing too significant to write about since my last post.

As my time on Dividends is drawing to a close, I am feeling more comfortable with the advanced tasks of my role – such as dealing with reinvested dividends, communicating queries to other teams and investment firms, and also reconciling dividends for large amounts. I am sure I am still yet to learn more in the month and a half that I have left and that I look forward to, but I am very pleased with what I have learnt so far and I feel that these skills will be a great asset to me for the future, especially when I study for my IOC qualifications.
In terms of my current education, the NVQ qualifications that we apprentices are studying for are going very well and a finishing date is certainly not far off for the portfolio. This is also the case for the NVQ Technical Certificate examinations, which have gone as well as they could possibly have and I am very pleased with the results.
Once these are complete I can focus on the IOC qualifications, which will be a fresh challenge and one that I am certainly looking forward to as it will help me gain a solid, technical understanding of the investment industry.
Anyway, that’s all from this update; stay tuned for the next one!

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